Camden Town Brewery: US Hells and Tripel

As we were at Camden Town Brewery for the launch of the new South Town Red Ale, we took the opportunity to try some of their other offerings. Camden Town is a brewery I’ll rarely ask for on tap. I’ve tended to stick to the bottles; the Hells lager and the Wheat (the Wheat goes great in a stew by the way), so it was nice to sit down and enjoy a wee tankard of the stuff.

USA Hells Unfiltered Lager (4.6%)
This beer is light as a feather. I mean, honestly, look at the colour of that. It’s like a little ball of sunshine in a glass with a big foamy white head. The aroma is hoppy and citrus fruits. I found the taste to be grassy, subtley fruity and very refreshing. This is such a summers day/BBQ beer; fresh and thirst quenching. 
Tripel (8.8%)

This trappist style beer is an absolute revelation. It pours a golden caramel with a creamy white head. At first sniff I had overwhelming aromas of honey and candyfloss. The sweetness follows through in the taste, with hints of honey, caramel, sweet candy and some fruitiness (dare I say tinned peaches?)

If you have a sweet tooth you’re going to be happy with this. To me, it tasted like a dessert wine and I could have had it all night (or, at least, until I was under the table). This has genuinely made it onto The List and I can’t wait to go back and try it again. 

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