Sunday Sessions #4

Oh how quickly these Sundays come around! Today we have another bottle picked up at Waitrose: 1906. 1906 Reserva Especial is a Spanish Lager/Vienna style beer, but, let’s be honest, it was a classic case of label seduction. Look at that lovely label! I feel like I’m about to knock back a few with Cromwell (maybe that was a bad example). 

1906 Reserva Especial (6.5%)

It poured a deep amber, darker than I was anticipating, with a minimal white head that swiftly dissipated. To the nose it was quite malty, subtle hints of fruit (dark and spicy), but also…egg. Uh oh. The taste was mild with no overpowering flavours, some hoppiness, subtle bitterness and…all a bit eggy and dull. 

After tasting and making my own notes, particularly if I’ve had a bad experience, I’ll pop online to see what other people have said. In this case I’m wondering if I got a duff bottle that had been sitting on the shelf for too long. No one’s raving about it, but neither has anyone had the same eggtastic experience as me. Onwards and upwards!

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