Sunday Sessions #3

This week’s Sunday Sessions take us to B&M Homestores; essentially a huge warehouse full of absolute tat. We go there because they have a pretty interesting alcohol aisle and we once stocked up on bottles of Peroni Red for 30p each (yes they were “going off” the next day, no they didn’t last that long). 

This time we picked up a couple of contrasting beverages. First up:

Moorhouse’s Black Cat (3.4%)

A 3.4% is perfect for Sunday chilling (particularly when you’re feeling a bit fragile from your Saturday Session). This poured a lovely, rich, dark, ruby colour with a large creamy head (look at that lovely head). It had quite a potent aroma of chocolate and dark fruits, which I wasn’t really expecting, but it was very pleasant. This followed through in the tasting, accompanied by bitter coffee, but the bitterness faded almost as soon as it arrived.  This is a good mild; a little watery for me, but absolutely drinkable.

The second choice was this Wayfarer India Pale Ale (4.4%) from The Orkney Brewery’s Atlas Range.

This poured a deep golden colour with a small off white head. Citrus fruits and hops on the nose, the taste was of lemons, grapefruits and pine with a pleasantly bitter finish. This is a nice one for drinking in the garden on a summers day, though I do like my IPAs to pack a bigger punch in terms of hoppiness. 

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