Kickstarter launched for new beer magazine Caña

Want to influence the future of a new independent print magazine, go behind-the-scenes of the Barcelona beer scene, have your face permanently inked on a stranger’s body, or simply pick up a tote bag? A new magazine about beer and culture has put together an exhaustive list of rewards as they launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund its first issue and help secure the future of a new voice in craft beer and creativity …

Taking the form of a bookish 160-page, 165 x 240 mm publication, expect in-depth profiles and interviews with designers, artists, brewers, and beer’s movers and shakers; alongside gonzo forays into the furthest recesses of beer and the culture that surrounds it.


Issue One includes:
• Omnipollo’s Karl Grandin, explains how ‘the Devil’s Manuscript’ and 1970s wallpaper inspired his mysticism-heavy style.
• The people, places, beers, brewers and bars of Barcelona; and how a recent craft revolution has shaped beer in the Catalan capital.
• Cloudwater’s most recent resident artist, Mariel Osborn, talks about her visual rebuttal of machismo in the beer industry.
• Celebrated beer writer Matthew Curtis traverses the history and now of sour beer.
• Alec Doherty talks about his instantly-recognisable artwork for London’s Partizan Brewing.
• Californian photographer Mathew Scott documents the decline of the dive bar in gentrified San Francisco.
• A study of hype-beers and how collectibility is changing the face of craft beer.
• Author of The Craft Beer Cookbook, Jackie Dodd, dives into the weird and wonderful ingredients brewers have challenged themselves to weave into their brews.
• Emil Sellström on bathtubs of beer, home-brewing, and his 1980s Miami Vice-soaked illustrative vibes.
• Noted art photographer Sipke Visser shares his decadent images of London getting exceedingly drunk.
Caña ferments the creative ground shared by artists and artisans on both sides of the bar, Caña champions the visionaries inspired by a common desire to raise two fingers and a pint to convention.

This is for the drinkers, thinkers and drunks; this is beer culture.

Live now until 20 October, the Caña Magazine Kickstarter campaign can be found here.


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