Beer Day Britain

Happy inaugural Beer Day, everyone! I’ll be enjoying this bad boy tonight while relaxing on the sofa, but I do hope lots of you take the opportunity to get down your local for a few. 

The very first Beer Day Britain happens to fall on the same day as the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, which is apt seeing as ale is mentioned within it. I will now be asking for a ‘quarter’ of ale in all drinking establishments (whether I get served or not is another matter all together). 

Jane Peyton is the driving force behind this (no, I’m not sure how she does it either) and created this event with the intention of raising the profile of beer as Britain’s national drink, celebrating our wonderful brewing heritage and introducing non beer drinkers to the good stuff. 

Follow what everyone else is up to on the official Twitter account, @beerdaybritain.


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