Coffee and Beer Tasting with BBNo and Bottle & Bean

Living in London it can be easy to forget how ridiculously lucky you are. If you wanted (and why wouldn’t you?) you could easily attend some kind of beer event at least once a week. And in summer? Sometimes I wonder if I should apply for a sabbatical afterwards just to lie on the sofa and give my liver a rest. ANYWAY, this is going somewhere, I promise. Summer has finally arrived and, with it, a host of excellent events all over the capital; including this one that I attended last week.

Bottle and Bean are a company that do what exactly what the name suggests: good beer and good coffee, all wrapped up in a handy subscription. You can choose a beer box, a coffee box, or a bit of both, and all of their products are sourced from small, craft producers in the UK. 

Though I’d heard of Bottle and Bean, I’d never bought anything from them, so jumped at the opportunity to attend their coffee and beer tasting with Brew by Numbers at Tart, Clapham. 

First things first: Tart makes THE BEST TARTS. Maybe the name was a giveaway, but honestly; chorizo, roasted peppers and goats cheese? Spot on. Get down there and stuff yourself with pastry.

Second thing: I like coffee, but that’s where my knowledge ends. I’m picky in as far as I won’t drink at places where the coffee tastes like dishwater (St****cks), but I do tend to stick to instant at home and I’m not even sure how to use a cafetiere…so some advice from B&B was very welcome. 

3 methods of brewing coffee were shown: filter, aeropress and cafetiere. I was ridiculously impressed by the aeropress (I don’t get out much) and I was also impressed at the quality of the Volcano coffee we tasted; strong and full of flavour. 

We then had a very swift tasting of the Brew By Numbers Saison, led by Chris Hall, sales and events coordinator. I am lucky to be very familiar with the products of BBNo and I can honestly say that none of their beers have ever let me down when it comes to well balanced flavours. 

Despite Chris and Charlie only having 15 minutes to teach us everything in the world about beer they did pretty well! I particularly enjoyed Chris’s analogy of malts being like toast; the darker your toast the more of a charcoal/bitter/toasted flavour. I’ll be nicking that one thank you very much. 

Each month Bottle and Bean run a live tasting, enabling subscribers to engage with the breweries, find out more about the products and share their opinions with like minded drinkers. With so many subscription boxes to choose from now, it can be hard to make a decision, but I love the ethos of B&B so I popped over to the website to grab this month’s box.

If you’d like to receive a box load of BBNo, coffee or both, make sure you sign up by Sunday! Then you just have to wait on the front doorstep until it arrives…

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