Sunday Sessions #7

Another Sunday, another waking up in the gutter. I jest, I jest! Oh how I enjoy a lazy Sunday tipple, especially when they’re as good as these two. You must be tired of my positive reviews by now, I’ll chuck in something utterly vicious later. 

Black Isle Brewery Pluscarden Abbey Blonde (5%)
I picked up a couple of these on a trip to the Black Isle Brewery in Inverness a couple of weeks ago. Now, I’m not going to lie, anything ‘inspired’ by something else always worries me. How is it possibly going to match up to the original, particularly when it’s a Belgian Blonde? Well, I’m happy to say that the Black Isle Brewery have stepped up to the challenge and the result is an overwhelming success. 

You can see in the photo that it’s a very pale, straw like colour; mildly carbonated with a small, white head. At first sniff I knew I was on to a winner, with bucket loads of banana and lemon peeking through. It’s such a light beer and, thinking about it, it would go really well with fish; crisp, refreshing and full of flavour without being overpowering in any way. I don’t rate beers on this blog, but, er, top marks.

Rothaus Hefeweizen 5.4%

I can’t lie, I wasn’t really trying to challenge myself this Sunday or go too left field. I can’t go any further without mentioning that label- what a corker! I do love a jolly wench on my beer labels. 

Anyway, I’ve rarely been let down by a wheat beer and this was no exception. As you can see, it pours a lovely translucent orange with a creamy white head. The nose is as you might expect; wheaty, with a hint of banana. That clove spiciness really comes through in the taste with a hit of sweet fruit to balance it out. A nice wheat beer and one I’ll certainly come back to. 

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