Birra Ichnusa

Another weekend, another jaunt into town to see what we can find. This time we stumbled upon an Italian place; Made in Italy on Old Compton Street. I have to say that our experience there was pretty good- they managed to squeeze us in despite being packed on a Saturday night, the waiters were friendly and the pizza was excellent and well priced (I’m saying this because there are some terrible reviews on TripAdvisor!) 

The beer on the other hand…well, I suppose it had what you might expect: Peroni, Birra Moretti and then this one that we hadn’t heard of before: enter, Birra Ichnusa! 
Can’t lie, it’s totally standard. Decent head, good carbonation, hoppy and, well, if it had been a blind tasting then I might have thought it was a Becks. At 4.7% it’s a pretty good session beer, but I’m not going to go mad trying to find it again!

2 thoughts on “Birra Ichnusa”

  1. This is a beer best drunk in situ- much as british ales are awful in the tropics, so too this is crap in London. Try it in Cagliari or Villasimius in July overlooking a the azure of the med and a plate of seafood and it takes on a rather different flavour. All things in their place.


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