Sam Smith’s

I don’t know about you, but I love a Sam Smith’s. They’re always interesting places with great staff and a cosy atmosphere. One of my favourites is the Lyceum Tavern (just on the Strand before Waterloo Bridge) and we popped over for an after work pint last week. Usually I’d just head straight for a pint of wheat beer, but I fancied something a little different.

Prepare yourself for some exceptional photography! 

You might be able to make out (if you squint hard enough) that this is their India Ale (5%). From the first pour I knew this dark ambery ale was going to be a goodun. If I had to describe it in 5 words they would be: floral. fruity. spicy. hoppy. malty. And look at that lovely head! Yes, I’ll definitely go back to this one. 

Next up, the Organic Chocolate Stout (5%); a dessert in a pint glass. Wow. It is REALLY sweet, creamy, rich and, to be honest, a little too sickly for me. A few sips was fine, but a pint would do me in. My drinking buddy really enjoyed it though, so each to their own eh?

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