Siren Craft Brew announces latest collaborations

When Siren got in touch to tell me about their latest collabs I thought ‘okay sure I’ll take a peek’ and then I saw this list and Lost. It. Siren remain one of the top breweries to produce experimental brews while also retaining a high quality, kick ass core range and I cannot wait to try these saucy gems:


Slim Pickens               

Cerealist Manifesto                             

9% Imperial Stout

We’ve known Todd from Slim Pickens for many years now, so have just been waiting for a good excuse to get him over for a brew. This beer is accurately described as a milk chocolate cinnamon imperial stout, with a car load of actual Cinnamon Toast Crunch shipped over from Florida! Sweet, sweet cerealism. (Some going into barrels)




11.1% Imperial Smoked Porter

The inspiration for this dark and mysterious collaboration with Dugges is an old Gothenburg Porter; our recipe is loosely based on historical malt bills. There’s also a modern touch, with a hint of peated malt and a nice alcohol backbone to really layer up the roasty flavours. In Scandinavian folklore, Draugen is the ghost of a sailor, now often associated with anything dark or mysterious about the sea.

First batch going into the Swedish systembaloget, second batch bottles and kegs UK.


Other Half                   

I Love You Honey Bunny                     

6.3% Honey Smoothie IPA

Following on from Ten Dollar Shake and Comfortable Silence; I Love You Honey Bunny is a smoothie with a plot twist. We had some assistance from Brooklyn’s Other Half this time out, and instead of fruit additions, included some 200kg of pure blossom honey! We’ve also stepped up to 50% oats in the grist, making the body even thicker and smoother than its predecessors.


J Wakefield                                                                             

13% Dark & Stormy

Imperial Dark Ale with Toasted Coconut, Vanilla, a shit ton of Ginger. Inspired by the Dark and Stormy

Cocktail. This beer is all going into barrels. Extract: Barley, Wheat, Oats, Sucrose, Muscovado
Adjuncts: Ginger, Coconut, Vanilla, Lime Zest.


J Wakefield                 

Bright & Sunny

The opposite – a ‘beach beer’, kettle sour. More details TBC.


Dry & Bitter                 

Hard Rollin’                                         

7% Milkshake IPA

The name for our collaboration with Dry & Bitter stems from our mutual love of travel and oats! We’ve used both rolled and malted oats in the grist here, along with lactose for a nice creamy body. There’s a hefty dry hop of Ekuanot, Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina for gorgeous dank and fruity aromas.


Casita Cerveceria                                                                    

8% Coffee & Cream IPA

We welcomed our former Head Brewer Ryan back to the brewery for this collaboration with his own brand – Casita Cerveceria. The idea behind Double Iced Latte was to create something with the creaminess of a latte in combination with the vibrancy of an IPA. The coffee used here is a Kenya Thunguri, sweet roasted for a beautifully rich and full flavour, supplied by our local roaster Tamp Culture.


Modern Times             


5% Hoppy Pils

With Modern Times over in the UK for festival season, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sneak a brew in! Metafiction uses a healthy proportion of both malted wheat and wheat flakes, along with Loral, Ella and Mandarina Bavaria hops. We’ve finished with a touch of lime zest for an extra spark.


Hair of the Dog           

Fred in London                       

10% Strong Blonde Ale

Alan from Hair of the Dog is one of our brewing heroes, so we were very excited to have him over to brew with us. This is a British rendition of one of his most famous beers, ‘Fred’, originally brewed in honour of Fred Eckhart – a craft beer journalist who resided in Portland, Oregon. It’s made with aromatic and rye malts and includes hop varieties from around the world. Look out for a barrel aged version of this beer in future.


Pop along to Siren to find out where you can buy and drink them. Save some Casita Cervecerias for me!

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