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Modern Love

I know when to go out. And when to stay in. Last night – I went out.

For a brewery that put out their first beers in 2013, Modern Times have certainly come a long way. Founded by Jacob McKean, a former employee of Stone Brewing Co., their name comes from a Utopian community built on Long Island in the mid 19th century. If you look closely you’ll notice that all their beers are named after both real and mythical utopias (or, if you’re me, you’ll find that out and spend all night looking them up before reading about cults, then serial killers and then not sleeping).

They’ve moved on from those inital brews and now have a 30bbl production brewery, tasting room and they even produce their own coffee.

British beer geeks are thirsty for Modern Times. There’s something about them: something fun, something intriguing, something so difficult to obtain.

Except for last night that is.

Last night Modern Times held a tap takeover at the Bottle Shop, Bermondsey, where we were treated to no fewer than 11 amazing brews from across the pond, plus the opportunity to meet the team behind them.

Thanks to the district line the latter didn’t happen, but despite TfL’s intentions to ruin my plans I still managed to try 6 of them before calling it a night (I would have gone for the full 11, but it was a long tube journey home- also I’m not a portaloo sort of woman).

My standout picks were Fruitlands; a passionfruit and guava gose which was sweet, salty and subtle enough for those who tend to shy away from a sour beer, Black House; a coffee stout bursting with notes of chocolate and espresso while remaining so well balanced, and Roots of Coincidence; a collaboration with Cloudwater so tropical that one sniff transported you directly to the Bahamas. Get your hands on some if you’re clinging on to summer by your fingernails.

In a world full of hype and disappointing outcomes it’s always wonderful when a brewery lives up to your expectations and Modern Times went above and beyond.

I should say a few words about the Bottle Shop; their selection is ace, and their staff passionate and always up for a chat about whatever’s pouring. You might want to get down there on Sunday 10th September for their Crooked Stave tap takeover where they will be the very first in the UK ever to pour their IPA. There’s also some cracking beers in the line up:

Crooked Stave IPA
Hop Savant – Brett IPA
Key Lime Tau –
L’Brett D’Blueberry 2016
L’Brett D’Cherry 2016
Nightmare on Brett Batch #0013
Origins Burgundy Sour
Petite Sour Blueberry 2016
Petite Sour Rasperry
Surette Provision Saion (aged in oak foeders)
Surette Reserva Prunus Persica 2015 (Reserva aged in oak barrels with Colorado Palisade Peaches)

More info about the Crooked Stave TTO can be found here. And keep checking the events calendar for more exciting beery events across the UK.


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