International Stout Day

That’s right, International Stout Day is here again. You’ve barely put away your pumpkin and suddenly there are stouts all over the shop. To be honest I’m not sure International Stout Day is going to catch on as well as something like Christmas (although our employers might be wise to give us tomorrow off), but any excuse eh?

I know stouts/porters tend to be more popular in the colder months, but I’ve just had a quick look through my phone and it turns out I’m drinking it every month of the year.




Recent faves include a wonderful Imperial Java Stout by Santa Fe Brewing Company, Creme Brulee by Dark Star, Crate Digger Coffee Stout by Alphabet Brewing and the Imperial Biscotti Break by Evil Twin (I paid £8 for that last can so if it hadn’t been amazing I would have had to go all out Triple H on them). Also a shout out for Lion Stout, a classic in your local world food aisle, and the legendary Siren’s Caribbean Chocolate Cake (just the thought of it makes me a go a little bit wobbly).
You can share your stouty photos and recommendations using the hashtag #InternationalStoutDay 

So what are you waiting for? GO FORTH AND STOUT.

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