The Great British Pub Awards

I’m not usually one for this kind of malarky, but, as an avid pub goer, champion (as in supporter, not Pub Champion of the World) and CAMRA member, I thought I’d draw your attention to the Great British Pub Awards, the ‘Oscars’ of the pub world. 
This is a pub (actually it’s Small Bar: Bristol)
I suppose I’m a little torn by it all. My most frequented pub is almost certainly my local Spoons; it’s a little run down, but the ales are well kept and the staff are friendly (and it really is just a 2 minute stumble from home). But I’m not sure I can vote for them given my feelings about Pubcos and the closure of so many independent pubs. I know this is unfair, particularly as since the arrival of a new manager the quality of the ale selection has soared and I have no doubts it is down to him. That said, it’s not all about the beer; another of my favourite bars has an absolutely shocking selection, but the atmosphere and music sees me returning time and time again. 

But, as always, I digress.

I am, slowly but surely, narrowing down my options, but, just for kicks, here are some of my favourite pubs/bars in London town (no particular order):
1. The Dovetail, Clerkenwell: Excellent selection of Belgian beer, great food, could be a little more comfortable.

2. The Three Kings, Clerkenwell: Beer selection is okay, not convinced the draught beers are kept that well. Still, grab a beer, bants with the bar staff, sit next to the fireplace and you could easily be there hours later. 

3. Crobar, Tottenham Court Road: Beer selection good but kept so cold you could blind taste Carling and Gamma Ray and not tell the difference. Pretty dirty. Good music.

4. Craft Beer Company, Angel: Comfy, beer garden (always a plus in London), bar staff genuinely really excited about beer, super excellent selection, food a bit pricey. 

5. The Three Johns, Angel: Nice atmosphere, tasty pizza, staff a bit hit and miss, always have something awesome on tap, huge selection of bottled beer, also good spirit list. 

6. Simon the Tanner, Bermondsey: Staff brill, a scotch egg TO DIE FOR, and always something exciting on tap. This could be the one. 

Pub-goers can nominate their favourite pub simply by either tweeting its details using the hashtag #pubawards, by visiting the GBPA Facebook page ( or emailing

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