#beerybits Twitter Tasting: Wed 9th March

Once a month I grab my Ales by Mail Twitter tasting pack, settle down on the sofa, drink some beer and have a chat with other beery folks. It’s something I look forward to every month; I always learn something new and end up following a few more people. It’s also super fun and I get to see lots of people’s living rooms/kitchens/cats/dogs when they share their beer snaps so….win win, eh?

This month it’s even more exciting because:
1. It’s Tiny Rebel, Cwtch and Cali, two delightful little brews.
2. I’m co-hosting it with the wonderful Half Pint Gent!

You can buy yourself a tasting pack here, but even if it’s sold out there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in using the #beerybits hashtag (reading that back does it sound like i’m saying hashtag-beerybits-hashtag? I’m sticking with it.)

Remember to follow us all too:

See you online: Wednesday 9th March, 8pm. 

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