London Beer Week: Craft Beer Rising

It’s that time again (I feel like I say that all the time: EVERY DAY IS BEER DAY). London Beer Week is back and I am MEGA excited. Last year I tasted German beer at Octoberfest pub and paired food and beer with Sharps. Oh, and took advantage of all the cool pop ups around town. 

But you know what I didn’t do? Craft Beer Rising. That’s right: 4realz. So this year, I am ON THAT. Particularly as I’ve now heard there are over 150 breweries attending with more than 600 beers/ciders available. 

Speaking of cider, there’s going to be a zone called ‘Lost in Cyder Space’ (see what they did there?) for anyone so inclined. As an ex professional amateur keen rugby player, I find it difficult to look at a cider now, let alone drink one, but I might give it a go. Apparently Tiny Rebel and Oakham ales will be contributing a cider, and that does interest me.

But back to the beer. Breweries include:

40FT, Adnams, Amber Ales, Backyard/Grimbery, BAD, Bad Seed, Beavertown, Bedlam, Beer Collective, BigHug, Black Eagle, Black Isle, Brew By Numbers, Brewdog, Brewers Project, Butcombe Brewery, By The Horns, Cairngorn, Caledonian Brewery, Camden Town, Caple Rd, Celt Experience, Charles Wells, Cornish Orchards, Crafted Exports, Crate Brewery, Curious Drinks, Darkstar, Drygate, Duval, Elav, Elgoods, Farmageddon, Ferment London, Firebird Brewing, Firebrand Brewing,  Five Points, Flying Monk, Founders, Fourpure, Gipsy Hill, Greene King, Hammerton Brewery, Harbour, Harry Bromptons, Harviestoun, Hawks, Heather Ale, Heathwick, Heavy Industry Brewing, Hiver Beers, Hogs Back, Hook Norton, Ilkley Brewery, Innis & Gunn, Inveralmond, Islay, Lagunitas, Liquid Projects, Little Bichos, Little Creatures,  London Beer Factory, London Brewing Co., Maeloc / Le Brun, Marblehead, Maule Brewing, Meantime, Mondo, Nene Valley, Oakham Ales, Pioner, Purity, Rat Brewery, Rebel Brewing, Renegaded Brewery, Revisionist Brewing, Roosters, Sharps, Shepherd Neame, Sierra Nevada, Speyside, St Austell, St Austell, Stewart Brewing, T BASS, Point Beer, Tempest, The Colonsay Brewery, Thornbridge, Triology, Truman, Two Fingers, Up North Beer, Vertical Brands, Westerham, West Side Drinks, Wildman, Windswept, Wild Beer Co.

So…some big names, some small names, a few I’ve never heard of, a couple I definitely won’t try and I few I CAN’T WAIT to. Odell have a double black IPA and the Lervig/Magic Rock collab sounds heavenly. 

I’m also pretty excited about the talks too. My beery education has been fairly self-taught over the past year, but I love hearing the experts. I see this a lot more in beer festivals now; the beer is your reason for being there, obviously, but there’s much more in the way of live music, talks and seminars. Personally I think this is great and, of course, if you just want to drink and not attend talks then that’s totally up to you.

Tickets are priced from £15 and are available now from Pretty sure this includes the glass and programme (which is good because I hate all that fiddly deposit nonsense*). 

So yes, see you there! Sat 26th/27th Feb, The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane.

*I say this but I clearly own a million beer festival glasses now so maybe a deposit scheme would be helpful. 

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