Review: Power of the Voodoo Triple IPA

Ahh Beavertown. Another day, another collaboration (this time with Boneyard Brewing), another sought after beer and another beautifully designed can. It’s been some time since we attended the launch of Power of the Voodoo (which I wrote a bit about here) and it’s taken me ages to review simply due to my fridge being 80% beer, 15% condiments and 5% food that we can actually eat. 

Power of the Voodoo Triple IPA (10%)

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t see how anything can taste bad when it’s named after ONE OF THE BEST FILMS OF ALL TIME (I know all the words. I can also do the moves. Oh, and I own the soundtrack.) But I digress…

The TIPA poured a luscious hazy orange with a fairly solid, white head. The aroma was exactly as I hoped: peaches and passionfruit combing to create a juicy tropical fruit salad on the nose. I desperately wanted this to come through in the taste- and it did, but with darker malty caramel peeking through before culminating in a sharp, bitter finish. Nom. So much nom.

Is it a session beer? No, it’s 10%, of course not. But although the warmth of alcohol was certainly present the high ABV was disguised well. It’s very drinkable; just remember to take it slowly, lest you want to be carted home by 4pm. 

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