London Tap Rooms: Camden Town Brewery

What makes a tap room a tap room? According to the dictionary (this is starting to sound like a GCSE essay), it is quite simply ‘a room in a tavern, etc., in which liquors are kept on tap’ or ‘a room or establishment where alcohol is served over a counter’. For me, I always classed a tap room as a bar attached to a brewery, but clearly that isn’t the case (see Mother Kelly’s or the Red Squirrel bottle shop and tap room). If you could let me know via the comments/Twitter then I should have some form of understanding by the next post!
ANYWAY, the tap room we visited on Saturday IS attached to a brewery so THERE. It had been some time since we’d wandered down for a few pints at CTB. To be honest, it’s dangerous to go there too often, usually because they have something high in ABV that I want to drink a lot of.
As per there was a lot to choose from. I’m constantly in that annoying place where I know what I like, but if I see something new I’m like ‘THAT ONE’. Saturday was no different. 

As soon as I saw Camden Town Brewery VERSUS Cloudwater (6.6%) up on that wall I knew I had to have it. With no fewer than SIX malts, I knew it was going to be interesting. The bar man described it to me as ‘spiced orange marmalade on malt loaf’ (I did think this was a bit much, but then I remembered all the wanky things I’ve ever said about beer and forgave him). And he was quite right. Sweet and spicy orange packed a pleasant punch without being overpowering. The most surprising element was how crisp and refreshing it was, while still retaining that maltiness. Very very impressed. Get down there and try some while you still can!
Oh, and if you’re a Hells Raiser (like me), get down there and get snapped! Camden Town is such an exciting brewery and I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds (more Cloudwater mash ups? Yes please). 

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