Artist Beer Visions

The other night we popped along to 71a, a gallery in East London, to check out 3rd Rail’s exhibition: Artist Beer Visions. Twenty artists each created a fictional beer label for 3rd Rail to screen-print; and the results were really interesting. 

I was there with someone who designs beer labels for a living and, although he thought the work was fantastic (and even went away with a screen print or two), he thought there was only one piece of work there that could actually stand alone and be recognisable as a beer label (have a look on their instagram and see if you can guess which). Is this important? Is craft beer breaking the mould in terms of design and do we still need them to stay within some of those boundaries? 

People’s Park Tavern were there with a one-off special brew of 3rd Rail Ale, which was a joy to drink; hoptastic with a pleasingly bitter finish. Nic, Head Brewer at Laine Brewing Company, was there to chat to us about the brewing industry and mentioned that, if he were to brew it again, he would have decreased the bitterness, but I thought it was spot on. 

It’s events like this that remind me what I love about beer: everything. I just find it all fascinating! From the hops growing to the brewing process to the marketing and design to, most importantly, the drinking. And, living in London, I appreciate that I’m lucky to have events like this on my doorstep. 

Now to frame up those screen prints…

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