GBBF 2014: (some of) The Beers

Ahh GBBF, it seems like an age since I clutched that lovely little half pinter in my grubby hand. I know that my last post was a little controversial, but let’s get back to the most important thing: Beer. Ale. Britney. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t entirely happy with the selection, but that didn’t stop me giving them all (slight exaggeration there) a go. 

Brain’s Black Mountain (5%)
I enjoy a bit of Brain’s when the mood strikes and the promise of a hoppy black IPA certainly appealed to me, but, much like a good packet of prawn cocktail crisps, I would only want this in small amounts. Coffee and burnt toffee come through, but with a hint of marmite too. Bit of an aftertaste that lingers. I wanted something hoppier and, a bit like marmite, it just wasn’t really for me. Not bad, just not great!
Mike Hess Habitus Rye IPA with Mango and Serrano (8%)

Look, I know what you’re thinking, but a) I love a bit of a novelty beer and b) I LOVE MANGO SO MUCH. Admittedly the post it note should have told me what I was to find out but…chilli. Lots of chilli. Burning a layer of skin off your throat and destroying any possibility of tasting the sacred mango. I made someone else finish this and went in search of a shower to stand under.

Dark Star NHA Pale (5.5%)

Look at that lovely amber colour and little frothy head! Scrumtastic. Dark Star never let me down you know. Malty and packed with fruity flavours, with a punch of grapefruit bitterness at the end, I could have sipped this all day (or at least until they sold out at 6pm).
No photo, but I ended the day on a Black Gold from the Cairngorm’s Brewery, another corker that I need to fill the fridge with.
Thanks for having me, GBBF. Perhaps we’ll meet again…

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