Danzy Jones

You know, sometimes it’s not all about beer. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. Okay, 99% of the time it’s all about beer, but on occasion I might try another tipple. 

In this case it’s a whisky liqueur- fancy! I was at the Ideal Home Show earlier this year trying every hoover, supping every liquid and shoving every cheese into my face when I came across this little bottle. I thought I’d give their whisky a try as I’m generally not too keen on the stuff (I love to smell it, but I’m not so keen on the whole burning my throat off bit).  
Celtic Sprit specialises in producing traditional Welsh spirits using age old family recipes and I think this comes through, both in the packaging and in the flavour. 

I have to say that this has blown my mind a little bit. It’s beautifully sweet, full of honey and lavender. To be honest you could stick a straw in it and that’d be me done. In fact, I might try and drizzle it over some vanilla ice cream…

I think I might try their Innkeepers’ Tipple next, a whisky liqueur with whinberries…I mean, what on earth is a whinberry?! Surely that’s enough for me to put an order in.

Still, best get back to beer before I forget what it tastes like, eh? 

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