Sunday Sessions #1

I thought I’d make Sunday Sessions a regular as it seems to be the day we throw caution to the wind and try out new brews. 

This Sunday was boring grown up things (including cleaning a rabbit’s bum- I wish that was a lie) and a trip down to The Treehouse in Beaconsfield to see what they had on the menu. It’s a nice bar in a scenic village, modern and comfortable inside with a large selection of cocktails, wines and, most importantly, craft beers. 
My limit was one as I was driving, so I decided to go for the Fordham Wisteria Wheat beer, brewed in Denver, but in the style of a German hefeweizen (4%). A golden caramelly orange colour, the scent of fruits and flowers was overwhelming at first pour, but this didn’t really follow through in the flavour. All in all good and drinkable, but nothing to write home about (I did wonder if it being bottled in Jan 2013 had anything to do with it).
My drinking buddy went for Lone Star (4.7%), a lager and ‘The National Beer of Texas’ apparo. ‘ It looks and tastes pretty much exactly as you would expect a lager brewed by Miller to taste: clean, refreshing and utterly unremarkable.

So nothing life changing this weekend, but I remain positive (and slightly sozzled most of the time). 

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