Slag Pils

I suppose the name should have told me what this beer was going to taste like, but on the bright side, it does what it says on the tin! I’d also just had a Troubadour Blonde, which is a tough act to follow.

The label isn’t the best looking admittedly, but then that’s not something I worry too much about when trying a new beer. My drinking partner, a designer, scoffed while I concentrated on drinking.

Colour wise it was golden and wheaty with not even a hint of a head on top. I think this (or a quickly vanishing head) is fairly common of many standard pilsners, but I do like my heads frothy to the max so…bit disappointing.

At a first sniff I was surprised at how tart it was, particularly acidic and appley. In fact, if this had been a blind test I probably would have thought it was a cider.

I was expecting a little sharpness, but actually that acidity didn’t come through in the taste at all. It was drinkable, fresh and thirst quenching, but….blah. So standard. I could replace this with a Becks and have a better taste experience. What a shame!

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