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Siren Craft Brew release Sheltered Spirit

Berkshire based brewery Siren Craft Brew have released Sheltered Spirit, a 14% Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter specifically brewed to investigate the properties of tamarind. Sheltered Spirit was originally brewerd in 2016 with the intention of ageing it in bourbon barrels. During the ageing process, tamarind, an ingredient revered for its sweet/sour depth has worked its unique magic.

Siren’s Andy Nowlan commented:

“In folklore, tamarind trees are said to harbour ghosts and for that reason are often found on the outskirts of villages. Sheltered Spirit went into our barrels at 11% and returned 14% offering a shock of amazing fruity aromas. We’re not naturally superstitious, but Sheltered Spirit has serenely matured into something otherworldly during the course of its hibernation…”